Expressing Your Unique Personality through Jewellery

Expressing Your Unique Personality through Jewellery

There is no doubt that jewellery has played an important role in the lives of men and women for millennia. When excavating ancient sites, archaeologists will often come across jewellery that will tell them a lot about the life and social status of the person who wore it. Royal figures throughout the ancient world, for example, were usually so adorned with jewellery that they were entombed with it. And the jewellery often worn by people of lower social rank was also highly valued as a mark of wealth, status, or social standing.

Expressing Your Unique Personality through Jewellery

We tend to associate extravagant jewellery with women these days, but the role of jewellery has not just been restricted to women throughout history. Across many cultures over the millennia, jewellery has also been worn by men, not simply as a functional accessory, but also as a marker of social status and beauty.

Express Yourself

Given the important role that jewellery and body adornment has played in countless human cultures, it is no surprise that jewellery is still as personally valued today as it was thousands of years ago. Clothes and cultural attitudes might have changed, but jewellery still retains significance as a marker of social status and wealth.

Furthermore, jewellery has perhaps gained even more significance as a method of expressing one’s own unique personality. This comes as perhaps no surprise in our culture, where the philosophy of individualism has gained traction as the driver of much innovation and economic prosperity. Bearing this in mind, modern jewellery is as much about defining oneself in the modern world as it is about anything else.

For a woman, wearing modern and unique jewellery, such as Troll bracelets, signifies the following:

Expression: A woman can really express her unique personality and independence through the kind of jewellery that she wears. This assertion is expressed through all manner of jewellery from countless different designers and provides her a unique way to tell the world who she is.
Confidence: It is important for a woman to not only express herself, but also assert her role in society. In a world where women are so often ignored or paid less than their male co-workers, wearing jewellery allows them a chance to say who they are to the world and feel confident in doing so.
Buying Jewellery Online

Just as one can buy groceries online, one can also buy all manner of great jewellery from a wide range of independent designers. The web has provided the opportunity for many boutique and independent designers to showcase their jewellery and to sell it directly to the public.

When browsing through online jewellery stores, it is important to ensure that you find a site that provides high-quality photographs of the pieces that you intend to buy. Jewelry is about details, and it is vital that you are able to browse through high-quality photos that can be zoomed in on, so you can see each piece in greater detail.