Affordable Clothing – When Comfort Meets Style

Affordable Clothing – When Comfort Meets Style

There comes a time when the way your clothes feel is as important as the way they look. For most of us as we get older, clothes that are too tight, too short or too loud become the stuff of memories and we are more concerned about looking good in clothes that also have a significant level of comfort.

Affordable Clothing – When Comfort Meets Style
Fortunately, the fashion market has expanded so much in recent years that it is perfectly possible to fulfil both these requirements. An improvement in the fabrics used, an understanding by designers of what shoppers are looking for and lots of competition on price means that it is pretty straightforward to find good quality clothing that is well-made, thoughtfully designed and easy to wear. What’s more, the price is affordable, so you can really stock up with key pieces at any time of the year.

Where once fashion was all about youth, there is an important and valuable market in selling fashion to older consumers who are still style-conscious and expect things to look good and wear well. No longer do we ditch cool clothes at 50 and head for tweeds and twinsets. Instead, we’re looking for chinos with that extra bit of stretch, knitwear that flatters the figure and colours and patterns that work with our skin tone. Designers and retailers understand this and shops that have this age group as their target market work hard to make sure that the clothing they offer is just what their customers are looking for.

So what are the details that give you the wearability you need without compromising on style? It’s simple things really, like adding stretch material to polo shirts or lighter weight cotton to improve fit. It’s adding slight elastication to waistbands, or designing side-fastenings rather than front-fastenings to create a more flattering look. It’s concentrating on using good quality fabrics like 100% cotton and embellishing with design details like sequins or buttons to add a touch of class. It’s being generous with sizing so that there’s plenty of room without reducing the quality of the cut, allowing clothing to hang properly and still look great.

If you’re at the stage where you don’t want waistbands digging into your skin or to worry about what happens to your trousers when you bend over, it’s time to investigate the retailers who specialize in keeping your fashion sense happy but without the constraints and concepts that make you uncomfortable. There are plenty of options available both on the high street and online and with a wide range of affordable clothing, you can do comfort in style.


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