What You Need to Know Before Buying a Watch

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Watch

Buying a watch is an investment that deserves to be prepared, especially if you want to turn to a luxury accessory brand. Several criteria must be taken into account, in order to select a product of quality corresponding to your needs, your morphology, and your desires.

What kind of movement?

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Also, start by inquiring about the type of movement. There are three:

The quartz movement: The watch works, in this case, using a battery, which will turn the hands. It is an efficient and inexpensive movement, accessible to all budgets.

The mechanical movement: It is the movement of the arm that drives the mechanism and ensures the proper functioning of the watch. The movement can be manual and involves raising the crown by hand. It can also be automatic, reassembly is done by simply moving the wrist. The life of this movement is excellent, but to offer you this type of accessory, it will require a much larger investment.

The mechanical quartz movement: The recharging of the watch is then possible thanks to an accumulator, powered by an oscillating mass in the movement system.

As you can see, the automatic or manual mechanical movement is a real gem of technology, a piece of goldsmith that represents a relatively high price. Also, choosing the movement of your watch depends essentially on the budget that you want to devote to it.

What size?

As for a garment, choosing a watch implies taking into account your morphology. If you have a rather thin wrist, in this case, it is better to turn to a delicate watch and not too thick. Conversely, if you have a strong wrist, opt for a larger watch. On the other hand, the horns of the timepiece will have to marry the shapes of your arm.


Which casing?

This can be round, square, oval, barrel or cushion. If it is essential to choose an accessory that corresponds to your morphology, the aesthetics of the case depends solely on your preferences and your style of dress. Our advice is very simple: indulge yourself, with a watch that will bring a touch of sophistication or additional originality to your outfit.

A waterproof watch?

Most watches are waterproof, but that does not necessarily mean they can be totally submerged. Indeed, this information simply tells you that the accessory can withstand a few drops of water without deteriorating.

If you are looking for a watch that will accompany you to the pool or during your driving sessions, find out about the actual water resistance, expressed in ATM. Divers will turn to a 20 ATM watch, which can withstand up to a depth of 200 meters.

The quality of the glass

The choice of glass depends on your budget and greatly affects the life of a watch. Acrylic is an economical solution, while mineral glass is more robust and more expensive. The same goes for sapphire, a particularly high-end and very resistant material.