Important Facts About Favorite Prints Of 2018

Important Facts About Favorite Prints Of 2018

The world of fashion is full of tricks and interesting details we often ignore. But later on, the insignificant points can lead to a disaster and turn a cute outfit you like so much into a look pointing to your bad taste. It’s always good to make analysis based on vivid examples. So the experts of Cattifly will help us to avoid such unpleasant situations. And today we are going to discuss the prints called the best ones this year.

Favorite Prints Of 2018

In 2018 leopard and other animal prints are extremely popular which makes more and more women experiment with them. However, almost nobody pays attention to the following fact: the classical variant of leopard clothes is no longer the best option this year. As fashion moves forward, this trend also transforms. According to Cattifly, in 2018, which appears unbelievably colorful, animal prints have changed a lot. Have you heard there are clothes with pink-and-green zebra or blue-and-gray tiger? Yes, and these are only some of the yummy alternatives of the common patterns we like. So in case you want to stake on wild prints this year, use your imagination and try to find really eye-catching snakeskin, leopard or parrot.

What’s more? Right, 2018 is the year of bright experiments when it comes to fashionable wardrobe. And another tricky trend presented this year is neon. The guys from Cattifly mention it appears in different collections from sportswear to wedding outfits, but your task is not to overload your image with striking shades and tones. Of course, if you need to create a rebellious or even extravagant look, you can use every possible color at once. But in case you want to look bright and stylish at the same time, concentrate on neon shoes and accessories. Sneakers, socks, tights and gloves are your best friends on the mission.

Do you want to hear more interesting news? The experts of Cattifly add polka-dot classics has also been modified in accordance with the latest innovations of the high fashion weeks 2018. Do you like the print, but hate wearing black-and-white clothes which seem too dull? Great, this year you can choose red-and-purple, turquoise-and-yellow options instead. No, we are not mistaken. The world-known designers say about such unusual variations a lot in their recent interviews. So don’t hesitate to test them. In addition, golden and silver color has been welcomed in the polka-dot family of prints. This means clothes with them have every chance to fill your party wardrobe in 2018.

Classics is a reliable and almost eternal thing, but it’s so interesting to watch how it transforms slightly to give us more opportunities. This time in the sphere of fashion.