Essential Silver Jewelry Pieces For The Working Woman

Essential Silver Jewelry Pieces For The Working Woman

Among the different types of jewelry today, silver is a variant that’s lined up in the same category as gold. Silvery jewelry is stylish, simple and beautiful to wear for different occasions, including the office. Tiffany style silver jewelry for example also cost considerably less than gold, and most people who prefer white gold jewelry also enjoy silver. Here are a number of great ideas on essential silver jewelry pieces for the working woman.

Essential Silver Jewelry Pieces For The Working Woman

Silver Ladies Watches

Ladies watches that are made from silver are also excellent pieces to wear everyday at work. Many working women today like wearing watches made form silver because these never go out of style, and remain highly-admired pieces too. Fine ladies silver watches also suit all types of corporate attire, without interfering with the woman’s overall look.
What Other Silver Jewelry Pieces Are Sought By Working Women?

The market for silver jewelry pieces is rife with lots of new, innovative designs. Today, working women can choose from silver ear cuffs, bracelets, stud earrings, hoop earrings, rings, pendants, dog track bracelets, stud earrings, key rings, split-hoop earrings and watchbands, to silver necklaces and more.

The Benefits of Choosing Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is great for fair and dark-skinned women. Silver jewelry pieces compliment both women and men. They are also very appropriate for dark and fair-skinned women. Thus, with the increasing demand for silver jewelry pieces, more craftsmen and jewelers are producing different types of silver jewelry in traditional and contemporary designs.

Silver is very much cheaper than gold. According to recent data from, the trend for silver jewelry has risen significantly, with price as the bottom line.

Silver is sturdy and durable. The strength of silver makes it great for everyday wear, and it also looks a lot like white gold. Many jewelers and designers today can easily design silver pieces that would give any gold jewelry a run for its money.

Silver is very easy to clean. There’s even a homemade recipe for cleaning most silver jewelry, although if ladies want a much safer solution, they can bring them to any jeweler, ad cleaning it won’t cost you that much money.

Silver jewelry can also be beneficial to the health of the person wearing it. Silver, according to health experts, is absorbed through the skin, and has a noted pain-relieving effect. In many eastern countries, it is believed that silver jewelry has a positive effect on people suffering from arthritis. Silver can also help increase blood circulation, and reduce muscle pain.

Essential Silver Jewelry

Working women however, should remember that silver jewelry, like most metals, will tarnish over time. To clean silver jewelry, mix a small solution of lemon juice with a dash of salt, and wipe it on the surface of the jewelry item, and you’ll see it shine as new.