Beads – The Heart Of Asian Fashion

Beads – The Heart Of Asian Fashion

Asian Fashion is defined by its colors, brightness and vibrancy.  Of the many decorative tools used in designing fashion, beads are very popular in countries like India, China, Malaysia, Thailand etc. In Asian fashion they can either be sewn onto apparel or be used to make necklaces, earrings and other accessories.  Many beads also have both a fashionable and spiritual purpose, making them appealing to all ages and types of women.

Beads – The Heart Of Asian Fashion

Bead Making

Many of the beads that are used to make fashion apparel and accessories are often made by craftsmen that are local to the designers using them; this makes them both inexpensive for designers and unique to other brands.  Many of these beads are made of wood, plastic or glass and are colored with dye.  Because of the local authenticity of bead making in many Asian countries, purchasing beads has become part of tourism as well as fashion.

Beaded Apparel

Many Asian designers used and have used beads as a way of enhancing the design or pattern of the fabric they are using.  This is a technique that was used in traditional dress and has been adapted to modern styles as well.  This work is often done by hand and is very delicate.  This technique is especially common on modern wedding dresses or other formal wear.

Sequins vs. Beads

The use of sequins to adorn apparel is one of the most up-and-coming trends of 2013.  This style of decoration began in the studios of Asian designers and has been expanded to the global fashion industry.  The use of sequins on both apparel and accessories is a way to dress up and outfit and make it stand out at the same time.


Asian fashion is specifically known for its jewelry for two reasons: first, because of the fact that many gemstones and pearls are sourced from Southeast Asia; second, because of the fact that wood, plastic and glass beads are often made in the same region.  The picture below is an example of this locally made jewelry.  While the culture of jewelry and beads is an ancient one, fashion today has adapted this historic tradition to modern style.  Beads have played a central role in Asian fashion and dress for centuries, and they continue to be an important part of what defines Asian fashion today.