How to get ready in 5 minutes for a party!

How to get ready in 5 minutes for a party!

Surprise party announced by the friend’s gang, when you just got back home after a tiring day? Well, friends need no occasion to meet and parties are most fun when they ring in when you are least expecting them. Having said this, we understood getting ready in a jiffy for a party is one of the most dreaded situations any girl wants to deal with. The main objective of getting your party look ready is not to deck up, but to look fresh and vibrant inspite of the busy schedule you have had all day long.  So, here are some expert tips from us to save your big party night and get you all dressed up looking chic and ready to party along.

  1. Get the smart chic dress out to flaunt your style: Gone are the days when party dressing was restricted only to the formal black dresses. To create your own distinct style just pick up a casual chic dress to wear a casual look that is chic and fun. Instead of sticking to the uniform black code for the party, try shades like the royal blue, olive green, rust orange and so on which are certainly going to make you stand out in the crowd. Add in a stole, shrug or a belt to accentuate the look and make you feel more confident with your own style statement. It’s easy to find women’s dresses online, with so many websites to choose from!
  2. Face Mist: If you are tired from an entire day’s work, and have to have the fresh look for the party in a jiffy, then just pop out a facial mist and spray it all over your face for the instant freshness. Keeping a mist toner handy can give you the vibrant and glowing look which is far better than the powder dabbed fake look. There are toners available these days which match your complexion and even have a shimmery effect for the perfect party look.
  3. Eye Makeup: Eyes speak a thousand words! This is not just a saying but a belief that party addicts stick by. Your eyes can make or break your look. The right kind of eye makeup can add up life and glamour to your face that no amount of makeup can. And the best part is it can all be done in just about 5 minutes. A kajal, some concealer and a dab of eyeshadow are all that you need to create the eye look that kills.
  4. Lip Gloss: Want to keep in minimal, then the lip gloss is all that you need for the perfect party get up. While the mattes are for the day, gloss is the best way to subtly highlight your lips for the evening party. Line it up with a darker shade to create the perfect looks for the picture ready lips.

Shoes: Heels or flats, whatever may be your choice make sure you team it right with your dress and the accessories. Having a brown, black or beige in your shoe rack often comes in handy when you don’t have too much time to spend behind thinking what to wear for a party. You can also opt for high boots which look really funky and cool with chic dresses and certainly are a style statement in itself.


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