A Magical Smile

A Magical Smile

In the modern world, the quickest way to convey vitality and glamour is by flashing a dazzling smile. However, two things dictate the nature and impact of your smile; your makeup and the color of your teeth. A well applied make up complemented with bleach-white teeth is a boost to self-confidence.

A Magical Smile

There are two groups of people in this category. Those who want to follow every detail without overdoing it and those who want to overdo it and then end up messing everything. When it comes to applying makeup, being keen and following every detail will give you that magical smile.

In this article, we evaluate some of the makeup tips that will enhance your smile, teeth whitening, and some of the lipstick colors that shall leave your teeth looking whiter.

10 Easy Tips for Every Product in Your Makeup Kit

The most important thing in your makeup kit that you need to pay close attention to is the lipstick. While applying it, always start at the Cupid’s section and move up to the mouth areas before blotting. You should also be careful with your mascara. Consider sweeping the wand through the roots of your lashes and zigzag as you work your way up.

Though a simple product, applying powder can sometimes be tricky. Always apply your powder on the T-zone first since this is where you shine most before dusting it everywhere else. Most people tend to commit numerous mistakes while working with the concealer. One common mistake that most people commit is putting it on the eyelids as a base. Avoid doing so since it results in the creasing of your eye makeup. On the other hand, working with the bronzer can be tricky. Your mission here is to ensure that everything is the same color, so after applying it on your neck, face, and chest take a step back and check out the colors.

The Foundation shouldn’t give you any problems. If you are looking for a small coverage, use your fingers to apply it. However, you can use your brush for medium to full coverage. For the eyebrow, tracing your makeup drawing along the tops should give you an instant facelift.

The eyeliner will give you excellent results if you get close to your mirror and avoid looking straight ahead at it. Move your head upwards, and bring your chin as close to the mirror as possible and then look down as you apply. Always start at the inner corner before working your way out.

Smiling while applying blush is the secret to getting amazing results. Smile and then dust the apples of your cheeks before sweeping pigment towards the top of your ears and down to the jawline. Lastly, is the eyeshadow. For an eye look with a matte base shadow that is unique and matches even the lightest part of your face, prelids is the way to go. Make sure that you dust the pigment all over the lids up to the brow bone for instant results.

Lipstick and Teeth Whitening

Getting a consistently bright and worth smile can be difficult. The process of teeth whitening is highly affordable and it is becoming one of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry all over the world. Teeth whitening help you to get rid of any persistent stains on your teeth. The snow-white teeth brighten your smile boosting your self-confidence.

You will start feeling proud of whom you are and show off your teeth while smiling. You will no longer feel embarrassed about your dingy smile. Getting the process done by a professional dentist is cost-effective, safe and effective compared to purchasing over-the-counter whitening products.

However, you can also afford temporary white teeth through a simple beauty hack. Choosing the right lipstick colors can make your teeth look brighter when you smile.

The three lipstick colors that will help you achieve this are; dark pink, light pink, or any other dark color. The dark colored lipsticks have deep blue hues that make your teeth appear whiter. Avoid using brown lipstick since it contains strong brown hues that will tend to expose any brawniness in your teeth.