Different Types of Designer Dress Ideas

Different Types of Designer Dress Idea

woman’s dress is a garment designed to be worn as one-piece clothing with an attached bodice. These dresses vary in length and depend on the choice of the wearer as per modesty, or personal opinion.

Different Types of Designer Dress Ideas


  • Micro-dress: Micro dresses have the shortest hemlines and fall way above the knees, somewhere near the thighs. This type of dress suits only a certain kind of body type and are worn by people who are relatively comfortable with having their legs on display.
  • Minidress: The trend of mini dresses started off in the 1980s. This type of dress reaches a little above the knees and lie mid-way between the thigh and knee; generally worn by youngsters or otherwise.
  • Mididress: Midi dresses are a type of mid-calf length dress. Usually worn by middle-aged women or young girls, suitable for church wear and outgoing events.
  • Long-dress: Long dresses are a typical floor length designed specifically to sweep the floor while walking, hence giving an elegant feel. Some of these one-piece dresses for women also have trails that follow the dress, giving it a fairy tale vibe. Long dresses are worn by women for grand functions, proms like events and weddings.


  • Wrap Dress: Wrap dresses are basically formed wrapping one side towards the other, creating a V shape, and hugging the body. They generally are clasped using buttons, or at times they are just loose near the neckline making it convenient to slip over the head.
  • Trapeze Dress: Trapeze dresses are in an exaggerated A-line form that flares downwards from a fitted shoulder.
  • Strapless Dress: Strapless dresses have no visible straps for the bodice. They are stitched specifically to be tight and fitted so that the dress remains attached and snug. At times, corsets are also worn with the dress so that it fits perfectly.
  • Slip dress: Slip dresses closely resemble a petticoat, and can easily slip over your head, attached with buttons or straps.
  • Shirt dress: Shirt dresses resemble a shirt with a collar and buttons down the front. Often found in denim or knitwear, they make the perfect wear for a formal/informal meet.
  • Shift dress: Shift dresses are found with little or no detail, simply worn in sleeveless or half sleeves. Airy and comfortable, they require no sprucing up but paired with the right kind of accessories, they are perfect for outgoing activities or events.
  • Jumper dress: Jumper dresses are sleeveless dresses worn over a long-sleeved blouse or shirt. They look adorable vintage and have become a classic piece of clothing over the years.
  • Frock: Frocks are typically girly dresses worn by young girls or toddlers mostly. They have ruffled hemlines and reach till the knee or slightly above that. There are mini as well as midi frocks.
  • Bouffant gowns- these were used in the 18th century, they trailed the ground in a sweeping gesture and were umbrella-shaped and extremely full and on the heavier side. Calf or ankle length became increasingly popular and was like a resurgence of the Victorian era.

Crinoline dress- these dresses were stiffened or a structured petticoat to hold out a woman’s skirt which was popular in the 19th century. It was made of horsehair, linen or cotton.  The crinoline dress has remained as a popular undercoat for evening dresses, wedding dresses or ball gowns. In crinoline dresses, through hoops were required to hold up the heavy skirt.

Create Your Gift Extraordinary Using A Stylish Gift Boxes

Create Your Gift Extraordinary Using A Stylish Gift Boxes

In the modern world, everybody is busy creation it to the completion. However many people are in work hard intended for their earnings, there are various people who are racing behind their dreams. Cards and many other things like sweets and chocolates are the top way to precise your appreciation and affection to a loved one. You want not absolute how you have about feel about them; your exclusive item is accepted to describe them your sensation with various details.

Create Your Gift Extraordinary Using A Stylish Gift Boxes

Gifts and money-oriented offerings are making to increase your relatives along with your coworkers and also with your superiors or boss. You can all the time binding up the gift in attractive and good looking boxes and inspiring the person. You must express your love plus attention for loved one, therefore, you must pack all your gifts in charming boxes. Top boxes to give a special look to your gift.

Ornaments boxes

If you want to give someone jewelry set then wrapping it in an ornaments box is making it extra special. Packs your gift in pretty boxes and create the receiver remember your gift for an extended time.

Cover top boxes

These types of boxes of different designs may be used to parcel gifts for different occasions. These boxes are flawless for proper offerings, wherever you do not want to show your feelings deeply.

Soft pillow box

Soft pillow boxes are flawless for giving can toffees and candies on the event of birthdays and on any casual event. These pillow gift boxes look very cool and attractive.

Polka dot boxes

Packing things in cases or boxes about the event is to create it extra attractive and impressive. These heart-shaped boxes are the complete choice for the event like a Valentine’s Day or a wedding ceremony. You can get this box in many shapes and styles to present your loved one.

Gable boxes

These boxes are so attractive and charming. You can wrap many gifts in these boxes. Gable boxes are as well obtainable in different shapes and styles. You can use these design boxes for a wedding event in diverse colors. A Gable box made using heart characters in violet red shade is a complete choice. For new concepts on what event favor boxes you must select, ask friends and family for advice. In spite of everything, you want to choose attractive and beautiful boxes.

5 Times Sridevi Dazzled Us With Her Designer Sarees

5 Times Sridevi Dazzled Us With Her Designer Sarees

Known for her effervescence beauty and incredible acting skills, Sridevi is a legendary Indian actor. She has always been in the center light due to her gorgeous looks and style. Let’s sneak into her fashion statement and catch with some of her flawless looks in sarees. There you go!!!

5 Times Sridevi Dazzled Us With Her Designer Sareesaa

No matter how much we adore other attractive Indian staples, women sarees have always been the most favored choice of every age damsel. The long nine-yard drape can never lose its charm and fascinating appeal in any era. And the most of the credit for it goes to some of the most gorgeous ladies of our country like Rekha, Sridevi, Hema Malini, Vidya Balan, Aishwarya Rai and many more. They have always been very kind to classic Indian wears and make sure that they keep inspiring others with their enchanting looks in designer sarees in India. That is why we all love Sridevi and her movies like English Vinglish and upcoming Mom. She is genuinely a megastar and glory to our nation. If you think the same, discover her scintillating looks in Indian sarees and make it work for your individual style to stay forever fashionable and awe-striking. Here it is –

Ethereal Goddess in Prints

The perfect combination of bright hues and captivating prints is what you need to stay peaceful and in-line with ongoing fashion trends. Sridevi made the perfect choice by picking light jewelry and vintage hair bun to call it vogue and forever endearing. Also, she picked royal clutch to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Don’t you want such women sarees in your closet???

Queen of Royalty

Don’t you think that this pic perfectly speaks about her phenomenal style statement and royal aura??? She is undoubtedly one of the most popular and glamorous divas of Indian cinema. Dressed in royal beige colored saree, Sridevi stole our hearts with her gorgeous multi-stone choker and gold earrings. The classic mid-parted hair bun looked like a cherry on the top.

Fairy in White

I just can’t stop myself from gazing at her. It’s really hard to write when such beauty is in front of you. Here, Sridevi picked ethereal white saree with light embellishments over the border and blouse of the saree and wore matching jewelry to hold a gaze at any moment. What you will say about her choice of designer clutch???

Ravishing Red

Well, I have to say that red is undoubtedly the most ideal shade to suit her flawless skin tone and body type. The way she flared the complete look with her classy choice of ruby earrings and neat hairdo made us fall more for her matchless style statement and fashion sense.

Blooming in Floral

Isn’t the saree perfect pick for casual events or family days???

Also, the bright yellow and forever fashionable floral prints can do wonders to any woman’s personality and bring her into the spotlight at any moment. What’s your take???

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